16 Beautiful Holiday Songs – Playlist

Believe it or not but Christmastime is almost here! Some radio stations are already starting to play Christmas music, so we’ve compiled a list of songs that you can play in your classroom or home. We tried to eliminate some of the ones you hear constantly on the radio so that you’re getting something fresh! Here are some fun, unique, and meaningful songs that you can incorporate into your Christmas season! Take a look around! There is something for everyone!

1. Little Snowflake

This is such a beautiful, sweet song for the little soloist in the group!

2. Douglas Mountain by Raffi

The snow is falling on Douglas Mountain! This song makes me want to curl up under a blanket with hot cocoa in a cozy cabin!

3. Old Toy Trains by Raffi

Trains, tracks, and little toy drums are in Santa’s sack! This is such an uplifting, joyful song about Christmas Eve night which takes me back to my own childhood days.

4. The Dancing Christmas Tree Song

If Christmas trees could really dance, they would probably lose all their ornaments! But, not this Christmas tree! He’s got it all together and will have a blast leading your kiddos in dance!

5. Where Are You Christmas? 

Sometimes it’s easy to lose the meaning of Christmas. Sometimes it seems like Christmas has changed because we have grown or have changed ourselves. Listen to this beautiful song!

 6. Christmas Wish

This is an encouraging song about bringing love and peace to the world at Christmastime!

 7. Carol of the Bells – Piano Guys

If you love Carol of the Bells, you will absolutely love the Piano Guys’ version of it!.This is probably one of my favorites because it’s played on cellos!

The following two numbers are from the Nutcracker. These are delightful ballet pieces that are especially popular around Christmastime.

8. Waltz of the Flowers

9. Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy

10. Glow by Eric Whitacre (choral)

Softly falls the winter snow….this is a beautiful choral song about the glimmering light of the stars, moonlight, and freshly fallen snow composed by Eric Whitacre and sung by a “Virtual Choir.”

The following three songs are about snowmen and snowflakes! They cute songs that are perfect for the younger crowd!

11. I’m a Little Snowman

12. Snowflake

13. The Snowflake Song

14. Angels We Have Heard on High (Instrumental)

You haven’t heard an arrangement quite like this one! Prodigies team member, Michael Lining, created a one-of-a-kind Christmas carol that is sure to put a skip in your step this Christmas season! It is arranged in 7/8 odd meter which feels more like a dance than the standard common meter of the original.

15. The Snow is Falling (instrumental)

This is a beautiful melody with cascading strings, piano, and harp! It’s perfect for nap time on a cold, winter’s day.

16. Hush, Hush, Little Jesus Falls Asleep (Instrumental)

This melody is not well-known but it is very elegant. The orchestra plays a sweet lullaby to the sleeping baby Jesus lying in the manger.

We hope you enjoyed this list of songs! Happy Christmas musicing!

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