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“This program has revitalized my 30 year teaching career! Bravo! My students are engaged and learning at a rapid rate. I use this program with my xylophones & Boomwhackers with much success!

Video lessons allow me to float around the room to correct students hand positions and provide one on one instruction where needed. I am able to provide better feed back & it is saving my voice. I ❤️ this program!”


Donna Tugby

Elementary Music Teacher

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What Customers Are Saying

“This is the most incredible thing! Jaime is 5, mostly non verbal…. she has never put more than 2 syllables of anything together unprompted.

I cried when she sang me Solfege and played her bells on the way to bed one night. She has been watching your video for about a month. Thank you for the magical thing that your program has done for her!”


Jacki Walsh


“I think you’ll be pleased to know that every class my students ask me, “Do we get to watch crazy Mr. Roberto today?” They all love “crazy Mr. Roberto”, and they are all learning a lot of music and having a lot of fun doing it!

Thanks very much for making such great material available. And thank you for opening up some new teaching avenues for me. I’m 50 years old, I have a degree in music, and I’ve been teaching piano since I was 15, but this curriculum has made me a better teacher. Thank you.”


Ann Anderson

Elementary Music Teache

“I am so happy that I went through my education foundation in our town to get Prodigies for my special education classroom. My students started with the program in January and even though we move at our own pace through it the progress is amazing!

They have always enjoyed music and it is even therapeutic for some but unfortunately the mainstream class is just too challenging.

This program has brought their love of music into my classroom at an appropriate pace, it’s super engaging and they are learning so many skills. All my students have either increased their ability to follow a rhythm or have now learned to keep a rhythm, follow directions, wait to play which is huge and also control their hands.

My students look forward to the music period in our schedule and sing the cya later song ALL the time. They were beyond excited to watch and play the hello song for #worktogetherwednesday.

It has been life changing to find something so perfect for my students who tend to be left out. I am so grateful to have this program and see the joy it brings to my students!

Thank you for creating such amazing resources for a wide range of kiddos.”


Nicole Green

Music Therapist

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