Primary Prodigies (2019)

Elementary music curriculum that focuses on reading standard notation in the treble clef, on more advanced music theory lessons and vocabulary & on performing more difficult songs.

Chapter 1 – Hello Bells

Chapter 1 reviews a lot of concepts from earlier series, but we recommend completing at least some of Preschool Prodigies & PsP Melodies before venturing into Primary.

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Chapter 2 – Treble Clef Intervals

Chapter 2 is a more difficult chapter focused on the nuances on the Treble Clef (EGDBF, FACE) and introduces the concept of intervals (the space between musical notes). Intervals provide us with the context necessary to discuss the aural qualities of chords, harmony and melody.

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More sections of Chapter 2 are coming soon to wrap up our introduction to intervals.

Chapter 3 will be focused largely on reviewing the I IV and V chords, learning a few minor chords (ii iii vi) and practicing popular chord progressions and analysis.

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