Prodigies Teachers

The Prodigies Music Curriculum is being used by amazing music teachers all over the world.

Meet some of them below or use ctrl (cmd) + F to search for your city.

Annamarie de Villiers

Klueter-Klokkies – Polokwane, South Africa

I started using the PsP curriculum in 2016 with my Toddler Bells / Kleuter-Klokkies groups in Polokwane, SA.

Every year my groups participate at the local Eisteddfod and it is so encouraging to see how little musicians are raised as they all continue with learning other instruments and finding joy in music!

My daughter Hannah is excelling at violin and I am sure that the PsP curriculum was a great foundation in her musical and pitch development!

Thank you!

Debra Krol

Owner and Sole instructor, Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack Mall

Music – Major Piano, Minor Voice / Certified Music and Movement Teacher
Owner and Sole instructor, Tiny Tinkles Music Studio Chilliwack Mall
Chilliwack BC Registered Music Teacher (Piano), Vice President of the Chilliwack Branch

I believe that every child deserves the right to an affordable music education! I have been offering music lessons at my home studio for over 20 years and the past 10 years I have spent specializing in music for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

I want your child to love music, and to be inspired! PRESCHOOL PRODIGIES is a fabulous program that will allow your child to learn through play and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Andrea Cornejo

Quito, Ecuador

Tararí is born out of the idea of giving musical education a different focus, trying to give children the opportunity of learning from a very young age a different language and a tool to understand the world: music.


[email protected]

Jennifer Jones

Deal Island Elementary School


I am the specials teacher at Deal Island Elementary school. I teach art, music, library, computer and gym to grades K-5. We have approximately 134 children in our school from Prek-5th. I am in the unique position of teaching many subjects to the best group of kids in the world. I use Preschool Prodigies and their other programs to teach my students music. They love learning with Mr. Rob and have been able to retain the information. The best part is the songs that scroll the staff to make it easier for students to follow along. I brag about preschool prodigies and what they have done for our kids musically all the time. This year I am starting recorder prodigies for the first time. Thank you for supporting the teachers! 

Michael Hemsworth

IG: @NewSongs (916) 714-4544 [email protected]

NewSongs is the home for Music Makers!  Our goal is to help every student be exceptional as they discover their own inner creativity and talents.  Learning is always fun as we engage with students from age 2 through adult to sing, play and love making music.

Sherif El Daba

Vocal Extreem, Egypt

Sherif El Dabaa, is the first authorized teacher in Egypt and the Middle East to carry the ‘Complete Vocal Technique’ (CVT) license from CVI in Denmark.
During his 3-year education in Denmark he studied professional coaching and singing, enforced by the latest researches, tools and high-level techniques available to date. He’s the Founder and CEO of Vocal Xtreem and has worked with over 2000 clients offering its services to Singers, Choirs, Actors, Teachers, Trainers, Voice Over artists and many others