At What Age Should I Start My Child’s Music Education?

In this no-frills blog post, we’re going to dive in on the specifics of starting your child’s music education based on how old your child is.
Whether you’re a 7 year old just getting into the piano, or a 7 month old just getting your mouth on a piano, different ages call for different approaches to meet kids where their interests and strengths are.
As a parent, you might be thinking “when should I start my child’s music education?”
Well the answer, for the most part, is now! Carpe the diem! Seize the carp!

The Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs of Color-Coded Music

It’s no mystery that everything here at Preschool Prodigies is color-coded! Very often though, I talk to parents and music teachers who ask “Is color-coded music making it too easy for my child?”

The #1 Musical Instrument for Young Children

If you’ve ever been toy shopping for an infant, toddler or preschooler, you’re probably familiar with the music toy section.

From the simplest baby rattle, to kid-sized acoustic guitars, to light up musical puzzles, and to “oh-my-god-please-get-this-thing-to-shut-up” keyboards, most children end up with some kind of musical instrument or toy at some point in their childhood!

While some of these toys are really interesting in their look, their design, their features or their price (“a guitar for 30 bucks… no way!”) many of them are more toy than they are instrument.