32 New Orff Styled Performance Tracks

We’ve been churning out tons more Orff styled Performance Tracks inside of Performance Prodigies! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to check out the whole gallery of videos!

In the last week, we’ve added…

  • 8 One-Note Studies (Hello C, Bonjour B, etc)
  • 12 Sol La Ti songs (classic 1 2 3 songs in G Major)
  • 12 La Do Re videos (12 Mi Sol La songs modulated to F Major)

Up next, we’ve got some Fa Sol La Songs, some 2 Note Studies and then some 5 note classics!

These tracks are great for the Elementary Music Classroom in that you can…

  • Get a few players on the percussion parts (low and high sound notated in the bottom),
  • Get a few players on the chord accompaniment (the Chord Triangles can be easily played by Boomwhackers, piano, bells, Orff mallets, etc)
  • Get a few players using the Solfege hand-signs (if you’re down for some Fixed Do – otherwise, ignore those!)
  • Get a few players playing the Melody (Bells, mallets, xylos, etc)
  • Get everyone (or whoever you’d like) singing with the lyrics, letter names, or colors
  • And maybe even get one student to conduct the group for some extra fun!

Then you can rotate kids through these stations until everyone’s gotten a fair amount of practice with the different elements of the video.

Check out the Performance Prodigies videos below!