What People Are Saying About Prodigies

“When I perused [the curriculum] I was completely blown away. The whole thing integrates so well with each other – the videos with the books, and the entire scope and sequence.

This is a very carefully laid out, complete curriculum. Step one, step two, no guesswork on what to do, when to progress, etc.

The books are really cute too! The pacing and skills taught are perfect for preschoolers, but I would not hesitate to recommend it for older children too.


– Tamsyn Spackman


We homeschool our 5 and 7 year old boys, and we knew we wanted to include music education classes at some point, and we figured we’d just take classes that were available locally. But then I saw the Preschool Prodigies videos on YouTube and how my kids LOVED them, so I looked into the program.

The Lifetime Membership was a no-brainer when we compared the cost of two kids to attend weekly classes locally–for about the cost of one year of weekly group instruction, we could get instant access to music lessons and practice materials that my kids can use DAILY–and for many years to come!

We love everything about the PsP program–the workbooks, the videos, the bells. My kids are playing and singing with solfege, handsigns, numbers, colors, and the note letter names! They are speaking a whole new language! We are so impressed with how quickly can effectively they are learning!

– Lauren

Wow! This program is amazing and my kids who are 6, 4 and 2 absolutely love it! They are learning so much and always want it on. As a musician myself this is such a great all rounded package with the videos downloadable sheets and lesson plans for parents covering so much about music and theory in a really fun way. Can’t believe my two year old actually sings solfege – I remember doing it at music college! So much fun and really pleased with the lifetime membership as I know the cost of music lessons myself and this can grow with them and they can access it whenever we want. Thank you preschool prodigies! And as my kids now say to everyone cya later cya later cya cya later!!!

– Amanda

We decided to invest in the lifetime membership and I’m so happy we did. My three year olds are slowly picking up rhythm and direction following so it’s nice to be know we will have all of these resources to meet them at their level and take as much time as we want. We have seen a love of music blossom and rhythm start to emerge. I love how easy the program is because I have no musical training, so I can still work with my kids, and I’m learning too! I recommend this program to everybody because I think the value is there.

– Michelle

We’ve been using this program all summer and my 4 ye old daughter and 4 yr old nephew live their lesson time! We start off with the workbooks take a break for snack then finish with the videos. Great program and awesome guide for parents to facilitate the lessons easily.

– Gina Rodriguez

We are so happy with the decision we made to invest in the Lifetime Playground access to Preschool Prodigies. Our 4.5 year old squealed with delight when we presented him with the beautiful set of deskbells, and he was hooked on the videos from his first lesson with Mr. Rob. The lessons are engaging and dynamic. We love that the program will grow with our kids, and that they can take their time exploring and repeating lessons as often as they’d like. We can’t wait to check out the debut of the Primary Prodigies lessons, and look forward to nurturing our family’s love of music through all of the levels of this fantastic program!

– Steven

“I was worried my kids might take after my husband as far as musical talent is concerned (his talents lie elsewhere), until we started following PsP.  Our kids have been doing a leading international music programme designed for babies and small children since they were about 6 months old. To my disappointment, they never seemed particularly enthusiastic about music and my daughter, especially, never liked to sing.

Now, my kids are both eagerly singing and playing along with Mr Rob’s videos – often in tune, too.  They give ‘concerts’ to anyone who happens to be around after a music lesson to show off what they have learned (cue their long-suffering daddy).  I love how your program made our house come alive with music!  Thank you so much!”

– Marina, South Africa

Love, love, love Preschool Prodigies. I bought the Lifetime membership to use with my growing family, kids 5, 3, 2, and 1. It’s a great value for everything you get. Downloadable videos, workbook pages, practice calendars, and more. My kids all love watching the videos and playing along with the bells. I just need to get more bells so they will stop fighting over them.  I am excited to see it grow and have my children move up with the lessons. My husband and I both want to teach our children to play the piano, as we do, and this has been a great tool in helping us do so.

– Megan

Excellent resource for teaching pitch and rhythm to little ones. Plus, with Lifetime access, you can download and show content on-the-go without an internet connection! It’s great for car rides, or even doing the lessons in a studio without reliable internet services. Your one-stop shop for taking students of all ages on a journey they’ll never forget.

– Emily

We bought lifetime package at Christmas for our 2.5yr old and absolutely love it! I’m an early yrs teacher in the U.K. and know how important music is early on. My son loves his bells and now with the structured program he can follow the visual and fun tunes and interact whilst learning at the same time. Sweet beets is his favourite followed closely by Doh a deer! Not regretting the cost and looking forward to the years of pleasure and musical adventures that await! 

– Carol Baker

The bells are a great material. I am a Music teacher in Brazil and I use them with my Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2. They are great for the children to start reading the treble clef staff and even do small composition. It’s definitely a tool that every music teacher should have access to. The videos are also really helpful for independent groups activities.

– Barbara Soares Ramos Xavier

We adore this program and are so glad we became lifetime members. I constantly recommend Preschool Prodigies to all of my friends. My boys are 3 and 4 and beg for “more Mr. Rob” every day. As parents who are musicians, it was important for us to find a music program that could help our kids fall in love with music and that we could begin at a very young age. This program has met both of those criteria and surpassed our expectations. Not only do the children love Mr. Rob, but he and his wife give excellent customer service and really put their heart and soul into what they do. We look forward to watching our children continue to blossom and find success with this program as they grow.

– Laurajo

Everyday Boo has music lessons w/ his bells! This is called Preschool Prodigies. It teaches solfege, simple songs, chords, and all sorts of other musical things. He hits his little bells and sings part of the songs.

He can already sing on pitch and knows several of the solfege names and their pitches. He doesn’t hit the right bell just yet in accordance with the correct pitch, but we are working on that. Children are never too young to learn music and sing on pitch. Just because he is two doesn’t mean he has to do “cute, off pitch” singing. Teach them early! Boo spends about 30 mins doing this…not because I make him but because he wants to. He gets so excited when I get his bells out!


– Michael Lining

This curriculum is really effective. So far my classes are more fun, more satisfying, and getting every child to be engaged. So far, the students are singing very close to pitch and using fairly good singing voices. Also, the videos are very helpful to me as a teacher because I can spend more time watching the students for accuracy instead of the normal routine.”


K-12 Music Teacher

I started off with just a year membership but soon realized I wanted to upgrade. I love that this is really an interdisciplinary program. I can use my autistic son’s love of music and lead him into working on handwriting, patterning, math, etc. Our favorite times are our Sweet Beats jam sessions: 4 kids (ages 1,2,6,&9) and 2 adults having great fun and learning rhythm.

Juliet Betzelberger

We purchased a set of bells, a workbook and a one year subscription to the playground as part of our homeschool curriculum. I couldn’t be happier, and neither could our 3 little boys! They love the desk bells, and they ask every day to do a lesson with Mr. Rob. Within a few weeks I have seen noticeable improvement in my 7-year-old’s pitch, and he has also become proficient in the hand signs. I am so happy to have discovered PsP!


We officially joined the playground about two months ago. Prior to that, when my child was about 26 months, we tried out the free sample and soon they started to catch on and I purchased the bells. They are now, at 32 months, singing and playing several simple melodies along with the videos as well as on their own. My child will even imitate Mr. Rob in between playing the bells. They know and can recognize several chords by solfege, colour, number, and the ABC notation. We also have a keyboard at home that I have labeled with the chromanotes colours, as well as a small child’s organ that I have not labeled, but has numbers over the keys. Yesterday I noticed my child playing Itsy Bitsy spider on the organ. They had noticed the numbers and started playing the melody. Upon request they were also able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the keyboard. It is amazing that this program is teaching children to play music at such a young age when others claim it can not be done. I am definitely sold on the importance of early meaningful exposure to pitch and the lifelong benefits of a music education, so I really appreciate what Mr. Rob and the preschool prodigies team are doing to make learning music fun and practical for my child.


I found PsP via YouTube at the beginning of this school year. I was looking for fun videos to use for teaching rhythm to my K-2 music classes. My students loved the Sweet Beets videos. I purchased my monthly membership and convinced my school to allow me to use the program exclusively. I have upgraded to Lifetime Prodigies. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch my students gain a love and understanding of music! I have also begun using the bells with our Special Needs children, as well. Words do not express the joy I feel watching these students play and look forward to Music Time! I am proud to be a member of PsP!

Tracy Jeffrey

Hi Rob, just want to say that we are really enjoying the curriculum! My daughter was amazed that she was able to write her own music!

Rena Alexandra

I am so happy that I went through my education foundation in our town to get PsP for my special education classroom. My students started with the program in January and even though we move at our own pace through it the progress is amazing! They have always enjoyed music and it is even therapeutic for some but unfortunately the mainstream class is just to challenging. This program has brought their love of music into my classroom at an appropriate pace, it’s super engaging and they are learning so many skills. All my students have either increased their ability to follow a rhythm or have now learned to keep a rhythm, follow directions, wait to play which is huge and also control their hands. My students look forward to the music period in our schedule and sing the cya later song ALL the time. They were beyond excited to watch and play the hello song for #worktogetherwednesday. It has been life changing to find something so perfect for my students who tend to be left out. I am so grateful to have this program and see the joy it brings to my students! Thank you for creating such amazing resources for a wide range of kiddos.


I have a 9 year old and a 4 month old… and they both LOVE the program on two very different levels! My four-month-old enjoys the overall music, rhythms and beats…and mirrors us with as much coordination as she can muster.

Her favorite is when I pull out the drums!!! She just goes to town!!! My 9 year old enjoys participating as is and if it happens to be a little too easy for him, he will just pick up his recorder and play along with that! Such a great program!! Thank you!”

– Krissy Fulton

I can not say enough about the Playground Access!! The files are there for you to have an effortless experience with your child. I printed out the calendars, pace guide (lesson plan), and workbook for each chapter. I put it all together in a binder and just change it out as we move thru the chapters. My son loves the video lessons!! He gets so excited when it is “beets & cherry time” as he calls it. I love that he is learning so much and having tons of fun doing it. This is a fantastically put together program that I would recommend to anyone with children. Teachers, parents, grandparents… you will get your money worth no matter what. I would have never been able to teach my son what he already knows by using this program. And most importantly, it is so fun and engaging!

Mandie Genore-Bak

Investing in the Lifetime Access was a great decision for my family. With access to the Lifetime Members area, I was able to download the videos to a USB drive and play them on our TV through our Roku box – much more convenient for us than through a laptop or tablet. Although it is my 3-year old who is currently working her way through the program, my 1 year old watches and dances along! Since I have the Lifetime Access, she’ll also be able to work her way through the program whenever she is ready!

I cannot praise this program enough. Mr. Rob is a fun, charismatic host whose joy is pretty contagious! I can tell that he loves teaching and is passionate about music and early childhood exposure to basic music theory and pitch. He and his team have created a very unique and engaging program that teaches music, I mean REALLY teaches music, to young children.

The customer/tech support is great – I’ve always gotten a thoughtful reply to my e-mail inquiries within a couple of hours.

The downloadable workbooks are well thought out and comprehensive, the choice of using bells as first instruments is brilliant… Ugh, I could just keep gushing on and on about this program!

– Anjie

As a mother, I love watching my young children grow a passion for music. This past spring I started my two oldest children, who were 7, in piano lessons. I also wanted to start my 4 year old as well, but the level of discipline and understanding to comprehend the keys and notes on a piano were above her capabilities at the time.

Now, thanks to Preschool Prodigies, she is able to learn note and key recognition, giving her the ability to grow a passion for music and understand music theory before many music teachers will even accept her as a student.

Preschool Prodigies has created this program specifically for preschool age children, but based on my experience, my older children love it as much if not more than my younger ones. This makes it a great addition to any household.

Within ten minutes of reading through the workbook lessons and interacting on the website, my daughter was able to play multiple songs on the bells. I was impressed with her ability to read and play a song so quickly using the curriculum provided, including the Playground Access

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– Reviews By Lila, ILoveMyKidsBlog.net

Wow! What a well put together package. BrillKids Little Musician was a tough act to follow, but Preschool Prodigies really offered everything I was looking for. The sheet music is very child friendly. I can see kids who use this program being able to easily slip into sight-reading regular music when the time comes.

It is completely possible to teach a group of preschoolers using this programs. You can also us this program with your toddler or preschooler and learn more than one instrument.

 – Monique Lise


Wow! What a well put together package. BrillKids Little Musician was a tough act to follow, but Preschool Prodigies really offered everything I was looking for. The sheet music is very child friendly. I can see kids who use this program being able to easily slip into sight-reading regular music when the time comes.

It is completely possible to teach a group of preschoolers using this programs. You can also us this program with your toddler or preschooler and learn more than one instrument.

 – Monique Lise


“Fun for my 4 year old! My daughter loves music and she loves these podcasts. She sings along, gets out her drums and beats along. Mr. Rob is fun, energetic, and engaging. Thank you!”

– Freja’s Mom


“Fun for my 4 year old! My daughter loves music and she loves these podcasts. She sings along, gets out her drums and beats along. Mr. Rob is fun, energetic, and engaging. Thank you!”

– Freja’s Mom


“If you believe in the power of music then this podcast is a must download. My kids can’t get enough of Mr. Rob. The program is fun and entertaining and simultaneously does a great job of developing music skills.”

– Chris Kelly


How to get a sleeping three year old out of the car in 1.5 seconds, “Your bells have arrived!” I’m not sure if her or my wife was more excited! Just wanted to say how much we appreciate all your help getting this sorted out! She’s been playing for about 2 hours so far, finally got the lessons up in the tv for her.

– Shane Whitehead

“Sweet Beet Rocks! My 3 year old loves this program! She is totally obsessed with Sweet Beets”

– Katie Stevens

“In just 3 days she’s learned Twinkle Twinkle, Mary had a Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns and she taught herself the chorus from Jingle Bells by herself using all her fingers. Tonight she has learned to identify and play C, F and G chords to Don’t Worry Be Happy. I can’t get her off her keyboard!”

– Jarrod Graham