#ArtsyThursday (Camp Prodigies Day 4)

Hope everyone has been enjoying Camp Prodigies and making lots of music! #ArtsyThursday is just a few days away, so get ready for a day full of music and art!

We’ll start off the day by painting to classical music! I love this activity because it combines both art and music and allows children to paint freely what they see as they listen to the music!

Next, we will pick a craft to create as a memorable keepsake of Prodigies Camp! Campers can choose a Prodigies picture frame, solfege keychain, or solfege bracelet. Each of these projects can be personalized and will remind campers of their fun-filled week!

For the last activity, campers can choose between making a costume for their concert on Friday or creating their very own Starry Night masterpiece inspired by Vincent van Gogh!

We also have craft options for the younger children such as the music note collage and music note fingerprints!

You can find the lesson plans here.

You can also find all of the materials you need here.

We will also be putting the finishing touches on our music pieces to get ready for our big concert on Friday! We look forward to seeing all of your unique crafts and all of your amazing concerts!