Draw the Prodigies Playground with Free Coloring Pages & Our First Ever Art Contest!

Don’t you love all the fun backgrounds that the Prodigies team creates for the videos? The bells can be found at the beach, on the playground, in outer space, and many other places! Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to draw your very own background? Today we’re going to show you how to draw a simple Springtime background featuring three of your favorite bells! We’re going to take you step-by-step so that you can create a masterpiece! Ready? Let’s go!

(Vimeo vid: How to draw Prodigies Playground)

Grab a sheet of drawing paper, pencil, and eraser (it’s okay to make mistakes!). You’ll probably want to add some color once you’re done. So, go ahead and grab some crayons or markers too! We’ll be drawing simple objects such as a tree, flowers, sunshine, a ball, and, of course, bells!

Ready, set, draw!

1. Draw a circle for the sun with straight lines for the rays. Don’t forget a happy smile! If you have trouble drawing a circle, tracing the         bottom of a cup works great!

2. Draw some grass! You can draw a straight line or make it curvy to create a hill!

3. Draw a circle to make a ball for the bells to play with! Add a design!

4. Add a tree with cherry blossoms! Draw several “U’s” to make the top of the tree and then add two lines to form the trunk. Next, draw some circles to make cherry blossoms, fruit, etc.

5. Draw a few flowers in the grass! Draw a circle, and then draw tiny “U’s” to make the petals. Add as many flowers as you want!

6. Draw some bells! This is the hardest step but I know you can do it! Draw a “C” to make the bottom of the bell. The “C” will lay on its side in the grass. Next, draw an upside-down “U” to make the bell’s head. Draw a tiny circle on the top and add a happy face! Don’t forget to write in the note name in the tiny circle at the top!

7. Add some more flowers with stems sticking out of the grass! Draw a circle with “U’s” for petals and a line for the stem!

8. Lastly, give one of the bells a fun kite! Draw a diamond then add a curvy line for the string. Add little ribbons down the string!

Once it’s drawn, add some color! You can use crayons, markers, paint, etc. to make your drawing come to life! Pop the finished product into a cute frame and display it in your home!

Do you have a younger child who is having some difficulty drawing the bells? That’s okay! I had a little trouble too! Try using our FREE bell printable! Your child can draw the rest of the picture, and then cut out the bells and paste them onto their artwork! Or, if your child isn’t quite ready for drawing, you can print out this scene as a coloring page!

If you like, take a picture of your child’s drawing and email it to [email protected] and we may use it a future video or collage! As always, happy musicing, happy drawing, and happy creating!