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What is Prodigies?

Prodigies is a colorful music program for kids.

Whether you’re a parent at home with no musical background, or a music teacher with 20 years experience, Prodigies will help make teaching your kids music easier than ever.

Prodigies combines fun video lessons & songs with easy-to-play instruments (like bells, books, recorder & ukuleles).

Prodigies combines fun video lessons & songs with easy-to-play instruments (like bells, books, recorder & ukuleles).

What’s unique about Prodigies?

Most early music programs focus on movement, songs & life-skills learned through music.

Prodigies instead focuses on music theory, pitch training & playing a pitched instrument during your child’s critical period for auditory development.

We use colors, Solfege, numbers & hand-signs to make the musical notes accessible, memorable and fun.

By focusing on the language of music & music theory while kids are in this critical period for auditory development, Prodigies helps kids internalize the sound of the musical notes to make music almost second nature.

What skills will my child learn by using Prodigies?

As your kids progress through Prodigies, they will develop a variety of musical skills & talents.

  • Pitch development through songs, games & activities about the musical notes
  • Rhythmic development through fun call and response songs (like Sweet Beets)
  • Listening & aural comprehension skills with “Name that Note” & other listening games
  • Play their first instrument, either on the Deskbells, xylophone, piano, recorder or Ukulele
  • Cross-curriculum skills like patterning, sequencing, early math & hand-writing
  • Composition skills using composition activities

In addition to the above skills, learning music will help develop your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, perseverance & more.

Learning a musical instrument helps unlock the recipe for learning ALL skills and with Prodigies, learning music is fun & easy (even for parents and kids with no prior musical experience).

What ages is Prodigies designed for?

Most Prodigies materials are designed for kids ages 3-12, with different video series & course progressions covering different difficulties.

Our Playtime material is expanding the curriculum to infants & toddlers, and our Recorder, Ukulele & Bell Curriculum is progressing into more difficult concepts like intervals, harmonies & roman numeral analysis.

With your video membership, you unlock ALL of the videos for all of the different ages, which makes it easy to get started.

You can can learn more about the scope & sequence in the infographic below.

How does Prodigies work?

Prodigies videos are available to stream on and through our app, Prodigies Music Lessons (AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast).

We recommend a colorful set of Deskbells to follow along, which are durable & easy to play.

Don’t have any deskbells? That’s okay!

You can also follow along with the hand-signs or with mallet instruments, a piano, or our free Prodigies Bells app.

Many of the lessons don’t even require an instrument, as we’re often focused singing, hand-signing, tapping, clapping, or listening to musical quizzes.

You can simply get out your bells and play along with the videos, or you can take things further with songbooks, workbooks, lesson plans & group activities. Teachers can even enroll students at a discounted price to enhance their studio offerings & student engagement.

The videos aren’t playing correctly…

If you’re running into video playback issues, we can help.

Check out this help article for details, and if you’re working at a school behind a network, check # 5 specifically.

In case things are acting up on, you can also login to

Or you can stream from our app, Prodigies Music Lessons (AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast).

And, if you’re a Lifetime website member, you can even download the videos from our Download Hall for offline use.