Your Kids Will…


Kids LOVE to sing, and Prodigies gives them the tools to understand the musical notes by having them sing the notes on different color, numbers & syllables


By combining Solfège (Do Re Mi) with easy to remember hand-signs, kids connect the abstract sounds of the musical notes to concrete & memorable motions


By focusing on a variety of kid friendly instruments, Prodigies gets kids as young as 2 playing a musical instrument in a meaningful and pitch-centric way

Develop Performance, Composition & Improvisation Habits

Using colorful instruments and music makes it easy to get kids performing, composing and improvising in a very real way

Develop a Strong Sense of Pitch

By focusing on meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development, Prodigies delivers an early music program that makes the most of your child’s rapidly developing auditory centers

Develop a Strong Sense of Rhythm

Through echo songs, easy rhythmic dictations, and a common-sense approach that starts with Beet & Cherry (Prodigies), advances to Ta and Ti Ti (Kodaly), and up through standard rhythmic subdivisions (1e+a 2e+a)