Create Colorful, Bold & Accessible Sheet Music with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create colorful, bold & accessible sheet music using
Prodigies Pages.

Course includes tutorials & sheet music templates.
Requires Adobe Illustrator

Using Prodigies Pages means you agree to the rules outlined below.
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What is Prodigies Pages?

Prodigies Pages is a new way to create colorful, bold & student-friendly sheet music.

It involves using Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard in vector graphic design.

This is different and arguably harder than using music notation software.

The results, however, are bigger, brighter, bolder & more visually accessible to young learners & students with special needs.

Who is it for?

Prodigies Pages is meant for

• folks who can already read & arrange music
• folks who understand (or are willing to learn) the basics of graphic design
• folks looking for a way to create colorful & bold sheet music for their students

While Prodigies Pages does have tutorial videos for you to learn from, we are NOT here to teach you to read music or operate Adobe Illustrator. These are deep and well-taught skills covered elsewhere on the Internet.

Who is it NOT for?

Prodigies Pages is NOT for

• anyone looking for the fastest way to make black and white sheet music
• anyone who feel uneasy about computers, technology or learning new software

As mentioned above, Prodigies Pages will NOT teach you to read music or become a graphic designer.

The course below covers the basics of using our templates in Adobe Illustrator, but we are NOT offering support beyond the tutorials included.

What kind of songs can I create using Prodigies pages?

Public domain, traditional songs & original compositions are fair game using our templates and methods.

Cover songs, modern music & popular themes are NOT permitted. Creating sheet music for these songs involves copyright law and licensing from the composers and artists. We have not licensed any material for Prodigies Pages.

How do I submit songs to

Once you’ve created a piece that you’re happy with, you can submit it to by emailing the .AI file to:

[email protected]

Submissions will be reviewed for accuracy and then uploaded as a free download on our website.

No user submissions will be monetized or included within our paid membership plans. They will be posted as a free download to our site in an effort to build a community of colorful sheet music arrangers and composers.

If we decide that we would like to include your submission within our courses & curriculum, we will contact you about licensing your arrangement for a flat fee.

How much does it cost?

Prodigies Pages is included in our Teach & Lifetime Membership.

It’s also available through our Teacher Upgrade at

On top of that, the Adobe Illustrator software used to make the sheet music costs about $20 a month (Teachers & Students can get a 60% discount).

What kind of support comes with Prodigies Pages?

Very little support will be offered for Prodigies Pages.

It is meant for people who can already read music and who are already comfortable with basic graphic design.

Our course and templates make it easy, but as it is a free and open-source program, we are not offering individual support.

We will of course make improvements to our templates & tutorials, and work to keep the community happy and productive, but we are a small team focused on creating video content for our curriculum, and we simply cannot promise full support for learning to read music or learning the skills of graphic design.

If you’ve read the above FAQs and feel like Prodigies Pages is right for you, then get started by taking the free course below.

By taking this course and using our templates, you agree to the rules and parameters outlined above.

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Course includes tutorials & sheet music templates.
Requires Adobe Illustrator

Using Prodigies Pages means you agree to the rules outlined above.