Recorder Prodigies Starter Program

Recorder Starter Program

Recorder Fingering Chart

The Recorder Starter Program features the second lesson in Recorder Prodigies. Recorder Prodigies is our recorder series for kids ages 6 and up. This lesson is all about the notes G, A and B.

Be sure to download the lesson plan above, and complete the checklist and corresponding worksheets.

Video One: Basic Techniques The first video, Basic Techniques, is a review of Recorder Prodigies Week One. This video reviews how to hold the instrument, produce a sound, and play the note G. This review is a great way to get students engaged and warmed up for today’s lesson.

Video Two: Learn G, A & B The second video, Learn G, A & B, is this week’s core lesson. This lesson is an introduction to the notes A & B. After the core lesson, students will practice playing along to the recorder class, “Hot Cross Buns” featuring G, A & B.

Video Three: Hot Cross Buns Performance Track After each core lesson, students play along with a performance track that features more standard sheet music and the opportunity for arranging multiple instruments. Today students play along with the performance track, Hot Cross Buns, which features G, A & B.

Video Four: Dinosaur The last video is a fun sing along called Dinosaur. In this video, students play along with G, A & B. This is a great opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in today’s lesson.

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