Year 1 Starter Program

Year 1 Starter Program

Download the Solfege Hand-Sign Poster

Download the Year 1, Week 1 Lesson Plan

Be sure to download the lesson plan above, and complete the checklist and corresponding worksheets.

To use the bell boxes above, click on them first. Then use keys 1-8 to play the bells on your keyboard

Video One: Sweet Beets The first video, Sweet Beets, is a fun call and response song that’s all about playing rhythm. This is an excellent introduction to Mr. Rob, the video format and a few of the building blocks of rhythm. At the beginning of each Prodigies lesson, there is a suggested activator or warm up video to get students engaged. In week one it’s Sweet Beets!

Video Two: Hello C The second video, Hello C, is this week’s core lesson. Since we want to offer students meaningful play with pitch, the first lesson is all about isolating the note C. C is our home base note in the C major scale and is the focus of the first chapter.

Video Three: Hello C Performance Track After each core lesson, students play along with a performance track that features more standard sheet music and the opportunity for arranging multiple instruments. Today students play along with the performance track, Hello C.

Video Four: Campfire Song The last video is a fun sing along from our Platyime Prodigies series called Campfire Song. In this video, students sing with Do Re & Mi and practice using the hand-signs. This is a great way to extend what they’ve learned in Hello C and begin to feel comfortable playing more than one note.

If you don’t have an instrument, check out our free instruments apps (iOSAndroid and Amazon Fire), or continue using the hand-sign for Do.My name is Mr. Rob. Let’s start playing some music right away!

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