5 Thanksgiving Activities for Your Music Classroom (Part 2)

Click to download this week’s printables HERE

Last week we introduced 8 Thanksgiving Activities for Your Music Classroom, and this week we have a few more! We are also providing even more printables for activities such as the Thanksgiving Dinner Rhythms & Music Note Addition Turkeys! Also, don’t forget to take a look at our Holiday playlist as you begin preparing for Christmas!

1. Thanksgiving Dinner Rhythms
What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving? Maybe it’s the homemade mashed potatoes or the spiced cranberry sauce. My favorite thing is pumpkin pie! This Thanksgiving dinner is a bit unique because it has musical rhythms sprinkled on top! Print the Thanksgiving dinner printable, cut out, and set aside in a basket. Then, draw an oval or circle on your board to create a dinner plate. Each food item has a different rhythm on it. Have students pick a food from the basket, play the rhythm, and then place it on the dinner plate!

2. Solfege Turkey Coloring Sheet
Have the kiddos put their art skills to use while decorating the turkey, and picking the correct solfege colors for the feathers!

3. Thanksgiving Music Worksheets

My Fun Piano Studio gives us an amazing stash of printable music theory worksheets that you can print for your class! She has numerous worksheets such as Turkey Notes, , Thanksgiving Harvest Ear Training, and more! Check them out!

4. Holiday Music for Students 

We have put together several Holiday Videos that are perfect for students. Check them out!

5. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey

Oh my! This lady swallowed a turkey….as well as some other random things! While this isn’t exactly a music activity, it might be nice to read a story before your class starts or at the end of the lesson. Listen to I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!

Hope you have an awesome and amazing Thanksgiving! Happy musicing!