Prodigies Bells App for iOS & Android

Download for Android, Kindle & iOS

Looking for an affordable alternative to our colorful deskbells?

Or maybe you’re taking your music lessons on the go this week?

With our Prodigies Bells app, you’ll always have a colorful set of deskbells in your back pocket, perfect for practicing on the go or hammering out a new song idea that just popped into your head!

Our FREE instrument app is also great for classrooms and groups who have more tablets than instruments!

Download for Android, Kindle & iOS

8 thoughts on “Prodigies Bells App for iOS & Android”

    1. Maybe check the mute switch on the side of your device. 99/100, that’s the problem!! Some apps will ignore it but as of right now, our’s does not!

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  2. i really like the prodigys app it is so amazing . you can play so many songs with the bom wackers and bells. i like the jingle bells song the most . when you play some of the songs it sounds like it is under water . i like to play the songs mostly with the bells because the boom wackers hurt your hands and the bells dont hurt your hands and thay are not big they are small . some of the boom wackers are big and some are small and the big ones hurt your hands a lot. i am so happy to tell you all this. who ever made this app you are amazing . your friend, kourtney myers from west forest elementry school. mrs badey tells us so many things about this app. bye

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