4 Year Old Boo Aces Perfect Pitch Test

Watch as our good buddy Boo aces this pitch test!!

The powerful musical skill of absolute pitch shows up in about 1 in 10,000 English speaking kids. In cultures where the language is more reliant on pitch and tone however, there’s an almost culture-wide sense for absolute pitch.

There are several methods and strategies for teaching kids absolute pitch. In the 80’s, Ruth & Naoyuki Taneda did it with “consistent and meaningful play with individual notes” with their groundbreaking Taneda Method. Not long after, Diana Deutsch compared children who received this kind of musical play with children who don’t, and further cemented the idea of “meaningful play with individual notes during the critical period for auditory development.”

More recently, it’s also been shown that High Information Music can help babies and toddlers get a serious jumpstart on pitch and musical development. For some good examples, YouTube some High Information Music or check out the app Nuryl.

Here at Prodigies, we use videos and colorful workbooks to help kids sing, hand-sign and play their way to an awesome music education. For April, we’re celebrating the Month of the Young Child with a month long sale at PreschoolProdigies.com/shop #MOYC

Our good buddy Boo in the video grew up on a pretty steady diet of high information music. By age 2, he was rocking Prodigies Deskbells and videos and wowing us with his note recognition, bell playing and hilarious dance moves. Here, at age 4, here’s cranking through all 8 C Major notes with essentially 100% accuracy.

We get asked all the time… “When is the time to start music lessons with my child?” and long story short, the answer is YESTERDAY. The English speaking world should not be stuck with only 1 in 10,000 people enjoying this amazing musical ability while other cultures have it built into their day to day conversations. But for that to happen, we need #preschool #teachers and #earlychildhood #educators to start placing an emphasis on giving young kids meaningful and memorable play with individual musical notes!

To help spread music education as best as we can, we’ll be sharing more free resources on the Prodigies Blog this April to celebrate the Month of the Young Child, we’ll be having a month long sale in our shop, we’ll be releasing new episodes inside the Playground and releasing more free episodes on the blog as well.

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