Take a Trip with Boo into the Prodigies Playground

Written by Michael Lining (Boo’s Dad)

Please note: the following is a parent-submited story about a father teaching his son music. Happy Music Making!

Initially, I found Preschool Prodigies by looking for something that was educational and fun, and that could provide Boo with some entertainment and screen time. I’m sure every parent has different views on how their children should be entertained, but we just don’t really do what I call “kids’ TV”.

For me, that means fun and colorful programming–TV shows marketed to children, that in my mind, serve a clear purpose: to keep kids glued to the TV (and maybe to give parents a much needed break). And there are some great shows out there, and many are educational or have other academic content such as problem solving and more. But for Boo, the music nerd inside of me wanted to get Boo started in music—and early!

There’s a video that’s gone around the Internet of this Dad playing incredibly complex chords on the piano and his son picks out every note and sings the pitches back perfectly. It’s incredibly amazing! I had seen and become inspired by that video. Here is a link to it:

Before Boo was even born, I was the kind of music nerd that would try to play music to him through speakers hooked up to mommy’s tummy. When he was born, we’d listen and rock to high-information music, such as choral music, all kinds of classical music, and even Jazz. We’ve tried to expose Boo to high information music from Day 1. But where does PSP fit into his story?

I found PSP when Boo was about 18 months. He’s over three now, so for half of his life, he’s grown up watching Mr. Rob. Boo was drawn to the videos like a magnet! What could be better than watching a program designed to expose children to music with meaningful exposure to pitch, combined with colorful animation, a hilarious and energetic host that loves to teach (MR. ROB!), and catchy, fun music!

Let me tell you, Boo would rather be playing with his music instruments (which include deskbells, drums and Rhythm Band instruments) than any other toy. Not only that, he can sing in tune. He definitely has a solid start and has developed a great ear for melody. While I can’t say that he’s developed absolute pitch, he definitely is benefitting from the program and has a wild head start into what I hope is a lifetime of musical enjoyment for him. Check out some videos of Boo enjoying Preschool Prodigies and even Primary Prodigies here!

I heartily give my DAD recommendation for Mr. Rob’s AMAZING program! Now, what’s your PSP story? Don’t have one? Why don’t you begin NOW, by heading over to check out the FREE starter program! Deskbells and a membership would make a great holiday or birthday present, and is a WORTHY investment in your child’s future.

Have a great day and HAPPY MUSIC-MAKING!