Camp Prodigies Preview #1: 15 Campfire Songs

It’s almost our favorite time of year…SUMMER…and lots of us parents and teachers are already planning vacations, enrolling in camps and making plans for the summer!

We have some really exciting plans for late July and early August here at Prodigies, as well as tons of New Primary Prodigies episodes to throughout the Spring and early Summer.

Then in July, we’ll be hosting the first ever Camp Prodigies, which will be a weeks worth of materials for you and your kids to enjoy for free. It will span 5 days with 3 different activities each day…everything from music lessons, to arts and crafts, to some digital tom foolery and some super special surprises.

We’ll also be sharing some Playtime Prodigies Previews inside our week long Online Summer Camp, so stay tuned for information about the Free Registration happening soon.

15 Campfire Songs for Kids – YouTube Playlist

We wanted to get you excited about all the adventures the bells will be going on this summer with 15 campfire songs! There is nothing better than spending time with family and friends around a campfire under a blanket of twinkling stars. Throw in some yummy S’mores, a cozy tent, and some good ol’ campfire songs, and you’ll be all set for the perfect camping adventure!

We’ve chosen some of our favorite songs and compiled them into a playlist for you. Check it out! And, if you’re looking for even more songs, check out this awesome list!

The Prodigies Bells are planning some EPIC camping trips this summer, complete with ooey gooey S’mores, hiding out in tents, hiking waterfalls, searching for bears, and, best of all, singing campfire songs under the stars, and we’ll be back with more Summer Camp and Music Camp materials here on the blog for the rest of the spring!

I Met A Bear

Imagine you’re going camping and suddenly there’s a bear! What would you do? Run? Jump in a tree? Let’s see what this little boy and girl do when they come face-to-face with one!

Herman the Worm

Watch out for those squishy, wiggly worms in your tent! This worm has a BIG problem. He keeps eating and eating and getting fatter and fatter until he’s about to pop! What all is he going to eat?

Once an Austrian Went Yodeling

All this Austrian wants to do is to go yodeling, but he keeps getting interrupted! The kiddos will love all the fun sound effects and hand motions in this one!

The Ants Go Marching

Watch out for all those little ants when you’re having your picnic! These ants are marching through the campsite, but some of them keep stopping to do all kinds of crazy things! Can you find the little ant sucking his thumb? !

You Are my Sunshine

Sing this song to the one you love under a blanket of twinkling stars! The ukulele chords are even provided so you can serenade your whole family!

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

This bear has his backpack on and is ready for a journey! He’s headed for the other side of the mountain to see what he can see! What do you think he’ll find once he reaches the top?

Found a Peanut

Do you have a special treat you like to bring hiking? What about trail mix? Well, this guy found a peanut, but it was a rotten peanut! Let’s see if he decides to still eat it or throw it away. This song is also really neat because it gives you the ukulele chords so you can play right along!

Spider on the Floor

One time I went tent camping and woke up to a spider in my tent! I was NOT a happy camper. Are you afraid of creepy, crawly spiders too? Watch out for this crazy spider. He might just crawl on top of your head!

Five Little Speckled Frogs

What is your favorite animal to find in the woods? Turtles? Snakes? Frogs? These adorable little frogs just won’t stay on the log. They keep disappearing! Can you count backwards as they jump in the water?

A Camping We Will Go

We’re going camping! We’re ready to put up our tent, build our campfire, and sing songs under the stars! Maybe we can even make some S’mores! Have fun finding all the triangles in this campsite!

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt

Grab your binoculars! We’re going on a lion hunt! We might get a little messy on this adventure because we have to go through the grass, water, and mud! Do you think we’ll find that lion? Let’s find out!

I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee

Buzz, buzz, buzz! Don’t let that bee get away! This little boy is more interested in catching baby bees than butterflies! What could you catch in your net to bring home?

On Top of Spaghetti

Ah Choo! When somebody sneezes, this meatball gets blown away and rolls right out the door! Then, it gets licked by a giraffe! Don’t let your meatballs roll away!

The Littlest Worm

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as ice cold water when you’re hiking. But, what if your straw had something in it? Like a worm?! Look before you take a sip!

The Moose Song

What is crazier? A moose drinking juice, or a moose singing wayo–wayo-wayo-wayo? Your kiddos will be singing wayo-wayo-wayo-wayo all over the house after this one! Be ready!


This is my favorite camping song! It’s fun, up beat, and tells all about the camping experience! Grab a guitar and sit around the campfire for this one for sure!