Carnatic Music Lessons (singing from South India)

Carnatic Music Lessons from Sanskriti Series and OECCreative

Music from South India is called Carnatic music, and it uses the syllables Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa.

This isn’t simply another way to talk about Do Re Mi, it’s a different scale, or set of tones.

A lot of my students (and myself included) love the hypnotic drone quality of the music.

Here are three videos you can use to introduce and practice Carnatic music!

The first is by Sanskrit Series, and I used to use this almost everyday in my music lessons. It’s a more faced paced vocal practice with the same Carnatic syllables.

The other two are animated videos by Creative OEC that introduce the syllables slowly, and have a more PsP look and feel!

I find it helps to write down the syllables on a board or a poster and point to them as you go through!

Just a fun little resource from some awesome music ed YouTubers!

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