Halloween Episode: Montagues & Capulets (Dance of the Knights)

This week, to celebrate Halloween, we’re singing and playing along with one of Prokokiev’s most famous pieces, Montagues & Capulets (or Dance of the Knights) from his 1930’s ballet, Romeo & Juliet.

In the video…

  • 0:00 – we talk a little bit about the history of the piece, a little bit about the ominous and dark feeling that the music brings to the meeting of Romeo and Juliet
  • 1:57 – play our bells while we sing an accompanying part using the notes C D E G A B.
  • 4:19 – talk a little bit about the spooky sound created combining minor chords with the sound of the organ

Inside Prodigies, you can also find a hand-sign specific version of the video as well as a teacher-free karaoke version so you can practice it however you’d like!

We hope you enjoy The Montagues & Capulets by Sergei Prokokiev and have a lot of fun singing and playing along!

Happy Halloween,

– Mr. Rob!