Using Prodigies – FAQs, Tips & Tricks

Short video tutorials to get you started

1.What is Prodigies?
2. Who is it for?
3. Series & Courses Explained
4. Using the website & apps
5. Instruments & materials
6. Starting & running a Prodigies Class
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What is Prodigies?

What is Prodigies?

  • Colorful, affordable & accessible music lesson for kids
  • Video series focused on a practical approach to singing in tune & developing a good sense for pitch & rhythm
  • Curriculum focused on early instrumental performance
  • Helps children develop absolute pitch during their formative years

Why Prodigies?

  • Affordable and accessible music lessons for everyone
  • Gives children an education about musical pitch during the age when it can blossom into a life-long sense for pitch (meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical period for auditory development)
  • Demystifying music & early music education for parents, teachers & kids

Prodigies vs. YouTube

  • Interactive, educational, fun
  • Screen time you can feel good about
  • Turn TV time into Music Time

Where do I start?

Who is Prodigies for?

Who is it for? (Overview)

  • Kids love the colorful & modern approach
  • Parents can trust that content is safe, educational & interactive
  • Music educators use Prodigies to drive engagement & introduce theory, sheet music & instrumental performance earlier than ever
  • Therapists & people with special needs can access music through accessible instruments & curriculum
  • Homeschool families enjoy on-demand music curriculum for a fraction of the price
  • Preschool teachers can use Prodigies in morning meeting as a music center to give all students meaningful play with pitch during the critical period for auditory development

For Kids

  • Feels like Blues Clues (educational & interactive) + Guitar Hero (color coded & instantly gratifying)
  • Children will benefit from the positive cognitive effects of playing an instrument & getting a music education
  • Host Mr. Rob helps demystify music without dumbing it down or speaking down to kids
  • Replay-ability & large library of videos allows children to consistently and positively reinforce their own musical development
  • Children will develop a long term sense for pitch, rhythm and eventually sight-reading music

For Parents

  • On-demand music lessons at an affordable price
  • Screen time you can feel good about
  • Content that is safe, interactive, educational
  • Teach your kids music with no musical background yourself
  • Turn TV time into music lessons while you cook, clean or take a phone call!

For Music Educators

  • Introduce theory, instrumental performance & aural comprehension earlier than ever
  • Color coded to match Boomwhackers & mimics popular classroom methods for easy integration
  • Front of class sheet music videos drive engagement and ensemble development while allowing the teacher to roam, engage & assess
  • Use Performance & Karaoke tracks for your next recital or winter concert
  • Heavy focus on popular classroom instruments (Boomwhackers, Recorder, Bells, Mallets, Percussion, Ukuleles, etc)

Adaptive Music & Special Education

For Preschool Teachers

  • Affordable & practical way to introduce pitch education and music lessons into your classroom
  • No previous musical training required
  • Use as group instruction in circle time or as a musical center
  • Have a massive impact on your student’s long term musical success by giving them pitch based play during the critical period for auditory development

For Homeschooling Families

  • On-demand music lessons for all of your kids
  • Screen time you can feel good about
  • Content that is safe, interactive, educational
  • Step by step checklists, workbooks & activities allows you to easily track and report your musical progress

Mixed Ages (Homeschools, Montessori)

  • Performance videos present colorful sheet music scores with multiple instruments that allow different ages & instruments to work together
  • Prodigies has an all-ages family feel, making it easier to work with mixed age groups
  • Learn more below about where to start with different ages, series, groups, etc

Series Overviews

By Series (PLAY)

  • PLAY area is sorted by series (age and style of video)
  • Playtime is a fun & casual series for kids (1+)
  • General Music Level 1 is focused on playing the C Major Deskbells (3+)
  • Performance Prodigies (Series Library) focuses on treble clef sheet music (4+)
  • PsP Melodies (Series Library) focuses on the Solfege Hand-Signs (4+)
  • General Music Level 2 focuses on formal music theory & vocab
  • Holiday (Series Library) focuses on the songs from the Holiday Prodigies Songbook
  • Recorder focuses on learning the Recorder

Using the Website & Apps

I just signed up…now what?

Using the App


Prodigies WITHOUT an Instrument

What instruments can I use?

  • If you’re ready for a real instrument we recommend the Deskbells
  • For a more affordable but slightly harder option, try Prodigies Resonator Bells or a xylophone
  • Colorful stickers make pianos and xylophones Prodigies Friendly
  • Boomwhackers
  • Recorder & Ukuleles

Why the Deskbells?

  • Durable, colorful & well tuned
  • Polyphonic & expressive
  • Isolated notes increases chance of success
  • 2 year 3 bell replacement policy
  • Find bells in our shop or look for Chromanotes colored bells from a variety of distributors

The 3 Sets of Deskbells

  • C Major – Over 300 Songs with just these bells
  • Where accidentals and bass/treble notes appear, we often notate a C Major harmony for people without bell expansions
  • Chromatic Expansion – 5 Sharps and Flats for Primary Chapter 2, Holiday & later series
  • High Low Extensions – 7 Low and High notes

Ages, Series & Progression

What Age Should I Start?

  • The earlier the better with the deskbells, the concepts and some videos
  • By age 3, you should be actively engaged in Playtime and Preschool Prodigies
  • If you don’t do it by age 3 or 4, you’ll miss out on critical window for auditory development

Series Overview

  • Core progression of Playtime, Preschool, Performance, Primary
  • Mini-series like Melodies, Recorder, Holiday ( & Ukulele coming soon)
  • Want a more step-by-step approach? Look to the TEACH Mode

Working with Multiple Ages at Once

Slowing Down the Videos

  • Playback speed control available through https://play.legacy.prodigies.com
  • Use speed control to slow down the videos to .75x to help your child with accuracy
  • Work back up to 1x over time

Tips for Running a Prodigies Music Class

Check out the 2 infographics below for a quick look, or check out our teacher/class documentation

Starting a Prodigies Class

Have fun & make money teaching music

Teaching a Prodigies Class

Suggested structure for a ~45 min session