Making New Songs Using Chroma-Notes Colors

Easy Song Writing Activity for Kids

Ready, set, create! Little ones are going to feel like accomplished musicians after this super easy music activity! Just grab your set of desk bells and some blank labels, and you’ll be ready to make up a brand new song!  Color the blank labels to match the color of each desk bell. Next, give your child a blank sheet of paper and have them place the labels in a straight line on the paper. They can choose any color they want and put them in any order! Once they’ve placed the labels, then they can play along on their bells to hear the new song they’ve created!

An alternative way to do this activity would be to give your child a full sheet of labels and let them color the labels on their own. You don’t even need to peel the labels off in this one. Just let them color and then play the song on their bells!

Don’t have a set of bells? If you have a piano, keyboard, or glockenspiel, your child can play their new songs by placing color coordinated labels on the keys. Also, check out our Chroma-notes Piano Stick-Ons in the PsP Shop! These stickers are color-coded to match our bells and curriculum and have the note names printed on them.

If you’re looking for extra practice, this is the perfect one-on-one activity that builds confidence and gets their creative juices flowing at the same time!

Check out Boo working on his new melody!