Math & Science (Camp Prodigies Day 2)

Welcome to Day #2 of Camp Prodigies, Math & Science!

Our own week of Camp Prodigies here at the house (office/studio) is more like Prodigies Boot Camp! We’ve been filming and editing like crazy to get ready for the start of Playtime Prodigies next week!

I hope you had a great #MusicMonday, that you all found a song (or two or three!) to work on, and that you got the feel for some PsP Melodies!   Tuesday is all about Math and Science, so we’ll do a bit of work with fractions and rhythms in Sweet Beets, and we’ll also check out a little Leave No Trace video and activity!   For Day 2 details of your DIY Camp Activities, use the outline to find 2 inside of the Camp Prodigies Lesson plans.    Let us know if you have any questions or requests and have a great Tuesday!

If you’re on Facebook, definitely join the Camp Prodigies Group to share photos, connect with other DIY campers and check out some special group only pictures, resources and tips!