#MusicMonday (Camp Prodigies Day 1)

Camp Prodigies is a week long online summer camp for you and your kids! It’s a DIY music camp and we’ve provided enough variation, materials and suggestions for you to modify the camp for one kid at home, lots of campers in a classroom, as well as for younger kids and slightly older kids.

The Prodigies Team has put together 5 Days worth of activities to help you run your very own, Prodigies-inspired camp! We’ll be running the camp from July 23-27th and all of the resources will still be available for anyone who wants to run it the following week from July 30th – August 3rd.

Most of Camp day to day and social action will be happening inside the Camp Prodigies Facebook Group.

If you’re on Facebook, definitely join the Camp Prodigies Group here.

Prodigies Team Members Mandy, Sam & myself will be available to answer any questions about the lesson plans, help provide any resources you might need for your camp and generally guide you along your DIY camp way. We’ll be posting pictures of the activities as we complete theme (Mandy posted a bunch of art pics in the Facebook Group) so make sure to get in on the group to check out all the action.

The meat of Camp Activities however are inside of our lesson plans. 

The lesson plans take you on a 5 day journey through music, science, math, language, and art, with a running theme of preparing for a performance on Friday.

You can find the lesson plans here.

You can also find all of the materials you need here.

Each day also consists of some work with our Melodies, and we’ve made them available here for free for this week:


If you have any questions or run into any trouble, you can find us in the LiveChat on our site, hit us up in the Camp Facebook group, or write us an e-mail at Support@[rodigies.com.

We hope you have a great first day at camp and a very happy #MusicMonday!

–  Rob, Sam, Mandy & the Prodigies Team