New Series Preview: Performance Prodigies Has Arrived!

New Series Preview: Performance Prodigies Has Arrived!

by Mr. Rob | Apr 2, 2018

Not only are we airing Primary Prodigies Chapter 2 this April, we’re also adding dozens of new Orff Friendly Performance Tracks inside of a new collection, Performance Prodigies.

While at the TMEA 2018 Conference, we spoke to a lot of music educators who spend a large amount of their class time with the kids playing in a mixed ensemble. Some play bells, some hand-sign along, others play drums and some kids play Boomwhackers.

Performance Prodigies is a collection of Orff friendly videos that make it easy to run an ensemble with Prodigies. Each track consists of…

  • Melody Part for bells, Orff instruments, Boomwhackers, Piano etc
  • Solfege Hand-Sign symbols for instrument-free practice
  • Lyrics where appropriate
  • Chord triangles with easy accompaniment parts (for guitar, Boomwhackers, piano, bass xylos etc)
  • Simple percussion parts that scroll along the bottom line (low and high percussion denoted by low note and higher X)

With all of these different pieces in one video, you can have multiple groups of kids on different instruments playing along with the same video. When you finish, the kids can all rotate instruments for more practice.

We’ll be adding Performance Prodigies tracks to go with each Chapter of Preschool & Primary Prodigies. To start, we’ve added a dozen Mi Sol La Songs (Preschool Chapter 5) because the Mi Sol La repertoire is so important to young kids. We also added a dozen Do Re Mi songs (Preschool Chapter 4) and we are are working on the same songs (but transposed) in F Major (Fa Sol La, Chapter 6) and G Major (Sol Ti Re, Chapter 7). After that, we’ll be adding one note studies to Chapter 1, two note studies to Chapter 2 and 3, and some more full-scale songs to Chapter 8.

All in all, this is going to provide A LOT of new classroom friendly content for any age group. You can slow down the Performance Tracks to find your optimal speed, or you can even speed them up if you’re ready for a challenge.

Hopefully these new videos will make Prodigies even more effective in the Elementary Music Classroom!! To unlock them all, all you need is a Prodigies Go, Pro or Lifetime Membership, which you can find below! We have over 300 videos inside Prodigies just like this one and it will easily be the best investment you’ve made for your music classroom this year! Happy Musicing!