A Seafaring Sing-along with Barefoot Book’s “Portside Pirates”

Portside Pirates is a colorful and catchy sing-along from the folks over at Barefoot Books and is definitely among my top 3 favorite musical books of all time!

I discovered this book during my second year as a preschool music teacher and it was an instant classic amongst my students. The book comes with a CD that has the original recording as well as a Karaoke version! It also comes with the sheet music in the back of the book, which is super useful if you play the guitar or piano.

Not only is the chord progression fun and the melody catchy as anything, it modulates every other verse or so, which is a great way to teach kids about modulation and also a ton of fun to play on the guitar.

Check out the videos from Barefoot Books below, and if you want to purchase the paperback from Amazon, you can check it out here.

Portside Pirates (original)

Portside Pirates (w/ lyrics)

Get Portside Pirates on Amazon.com

The Portside Pirate videos are great, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of turning the page along with the music.

You can find Portside Pirate on Amazon with this link!

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